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 Post subject: i7 4790k Overclocking results on H140-X
 Post Posted: December 25th, 2015, 3:07 pm 

Joined: February 17th, 2015, 12:31 am
Posts: 9
Core Frequency: 4.93
Cache Frequency: 4.18
Core Voltage:1.3050
Package Temp at idle: 31c
Gaming Temps: 45c
Stress test: 58c
Benchmark: 63c
Ambient: 22c or 72f
CPU Cooler: H140-X

For my Exact xtu Settings Here's a link :

The standard kit was thermal paste and everything was able to get me to 4.78 ghz with temps in the 50's gaming and bench marks in the 70s. I wanted to get better temps and go

Here's what I did: I bought , got some decent alcohol (70%+), and used the Vice method alone (no hammer) to easily remove by chips IHS (, I didn't use a Razor blade or anything else dangerous to remove the Black goop. instead I just used a credit card to get off the big pieces, and then just the standard grit of my thumb to get the rest off. I then put it all in a alcohol bath to get off any residual residue/oils left over from my hand off. Then I used some clear nail polish to coat the caps (the copper thingies that stand up) to protect them from any potential seepage of the CLU. Then I simple applied CLU evenly across the nickle plate, then a tiny bit on the IHS to help the heat transfer a bit more. Then I simply re-applied the IHS cap back to the cpu where it goes and fastened it into my motherboard. applied CLU evenly onto the IHS top where my H140-x is going to sit.put the heatsink on and snuggly fastened everything back together. The results where rather staggering. My previous OC Temps during bench marking and stress tests dropped by 22c, gaming temps dropped into the high 30's and idle was 7c cooler. So needless to say I pushed my CPU further.

Anyway... even if you don't want to delid there are still things you can do to increase performance and lower temps. XTU is a great overclocking tool, and since most motherboards where shipped with botched out of the box settings you can't change in the bios I highly advise you use it, if you using a intel cpu, and doubly so if using any haswell. More about this is covered in this post

In chief thing you need to lower temps is modifying the max wattage. which for alot of boards with this cpu is 4095W and processor current limit of 1025 on the max current. <.< which increases average temps by about 15c alone. Lower the wattage and current limit to something reasonable in the 100s ...

The Reason I made this post is because im seeing alot of people complaining about high temps with a h240-x, which is just crazy...there are plenty of things you can do to improve the situation.

XTU: can lower the temps between 5-20c
Lapping the processor: 3-10c
Better thermal paste: 2-8c
Deliding: 8-33c
Replace stock fans:2-10c
And Finally the thing people seem to overlook the most lol...(and it's ironically the main reason you'd buy from swiftech)...
You can EXTEND you water loop! get another radiator and set of tubes. My case can support 1x480mm rad, 1x240mm, 1x140mm so I started with a h140-x because in reverse atx format it put the radiator and everything pretty much exactly where I wanted it to be~ with minimal risk of a leak ever causing harm to my hardware. The more energy that has to be dissipated, the more radiators you will want, and obviously the more you have, the less the temperatures jump around, and the longer your chip/future chips will survive.

If you want my exact settings, or to try my previous settings, you can check out my profile I linked. If you have any questions you can also post them here.

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