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 Post subject: Bad experiance with Switech H220 RMA and India vendor
 Post Posted: October 21st, 2014, 5:50 am 

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I bought my H220 early july 2013 and used it for nearly 9 months without any incident. Then the pump stopped working and I contacted M/s Tirupathi systems in Kolkatta, India. I was asked to send the unit for testing and RMA. On receipt and testing it was summarized that there was no problem with the pump, but the temporary pump stoppage must have been due to airbubble in the volute. Bryan is aware of the same issue.

So I asked for return of the unit, which they did. However, I received the unit with severe radiator damage and scratched heat exchanger. I asked for a replacement with photographs and was told that they will send me a replacement unit on receipt of damaged unit.

I received another old H220 unit which it seems they had used for other purposes. On arrival I noted that the Heat exchanger was scratched with no packing sticker on it and the pump seemed to be used condition. I saw that the front facing plate on pump top was glued on and that it had suffered a fall or some form of mishandling. The replacement set didn't have all the mounting screws and the tim compound in it. This was definitely a used unit. I decided to test the unit before installation. To my surprise, the pump was very noisy and there was minor moisture in the inlet to pump volute. I opened up the radiator cap and to my surprise found fungus infested fluid, it didnt even look like the original hydrix fluid. I decided to drain the unit and refill as I was tired of sending units for RMA. When I checked the screws on the inlet hose adapter end, I found them to be lose. On trying to tighten them, I found that the screws were slipping and I cannot tighten them. I decided to check the unit myself as I didnt trust M/s Tirupati and its people since they obviously have no experience in handling water cooling systems. The way they have applied TIM on heat exchanger and the mishandling of the unit is proof of that.

I am definitely unhappy with the handling of my complaint and have decided never to buy Swiftech products again as the support in India is very sketchy and M/s Tirupati seems to be dishonest in handling of my case.

Now I am saddled with a unit I am not confident to put back into my system. I need a replacement volute. I have enough experience wtih, diy cooling to repair the system. I have opened the pump since I wanted to check the state of the unit given the fact that it was full of fungus. I found the microchannels on the copper exchanger all clogged. Also screw receiver studs on the volute were all cracked, resulting in an screw slippage. It looks like this pump had suffered a drop or hard knock.

Given that I am repairing the unit myself, I wanted to know If I can get a replacement volute for the unit. I am willing to pay for the same.

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