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 Post subject: MCP35X heatsink on MCP50X
 Post Posted: September 1st, 2016, 4:20 pm 

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Is it possible to install the MCP35X heat sink on MCP50X? The pump does not heat up compare to the MCP355 but I am really scared of another pump failure from my 7 month old H220X.

Several weeks ago my H220X had a pump failure and my local distributor does not have a replacement pump. It will take time for the pump to arrive from the factory in China. He stock a MCP50X currently and I decided to purchase the pump and thinking of installing the pump to my H220X. To my surprise Swiftech slap a warranty sticker on the H220X and MCP50X. If i use the new pump it will void my warranty not only that the top on the H220x is mated on the reservoir.

I took the matter into my hands and decided to just build a custom water loop using the MCP50X. I used the Apogee XL cpu block including Swiftech fan controller and fans. I slapped it on a 360 Blackice Nemesis GTS rad with a Gentle Typhoon 1850. Since the pump does not have a reservoir, I decided to buy a Barrow tube reservoir with a male to male adapter including 14mm PETG tube and compression fittings and drain port. Also bought a used GTX 970 with EKWB water block from Ebay.

This really change my perspective on water cooling and I am not at the mercy of Swiftech or any manufacturer. The MCP50X pump runs very well and its quiet provided you use PWM signal from the motherboard. The head pressure is great but if I run a bechmark the pump ramps up to 4000 rpm but the noise is tolerable and sounds like a 747 on a take off. The MCP50X is price competitively at $70 with a 3 year warranty compare to some other brand which will run you in the neighborhood of bare pump with top and mounting cost between $80 to $140. No wonder Swiftech does not sell top for the pump to keep the price down but may I suggest to improve the design on their reservoir. The reservoir looks retro like the 90's.

I don't know if I gonna hate Swiftech for this but come to think of it, I was able to salvage some of the good spare parts to build a custom water loop. I spent $600 on the custom water loop but its money well spent. This may not be acceptable to others but Swiftech has given me a 2nd alternative and chance.

I am currently waiting on my warranty pump from my local distributor JV Data Philippines. Offer him to carry the MCP655 pump because he does not stock any besides the AIO. You can buy a grey market Swiftech pump here but warranty is only 3 months. He is a very nice guy and give him a chance to make some money. Also design a new top for the D5 and I will be the first in line.

Thank you Swiftech

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